You’ve Got This

Gairika Mitra
3 min readMar 2, 2023

Hey there, my dear readers, what’s happening at your end? I hope all’s well. In my case, I have been continuing the grind and the hustle, and these days have added one more quality which is persistence.

Just this morning I read a beautiful quote by a writer which said that it’s discipline and persistence that makes a person successful. And, I have been trying to inculcate both of these in my life. Well, I’ll be honest here. Not every day do I feel like waking up, working out, or doing all that I have to do, but here I am as I promised myself that no matter what I will commit to myself to doing what I have to.

As most of you would already know that the days of despair and failure are actually more than the days of happiness, but I guess that is what life is supposed to be and that is what it is all about. I am sure that most of us didn’t have the opportunity to choose, and in fact, there are circumstances that chose us. But now that we are on the track, should we just back out?

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Nope, never. In fact, we must do what we do best. Rely and act. Of course, it is a good thing to rely on others, but primarily we have to teach ourselves to rely on ourselves and also be able to take prompt action. Let me put another scenario here. That job that you are working so hard for, those people will not care whether you get a good night’s sleep, your partner will perhaps not be able to make out why you stay awake till long hours, why do you not smile like before, your mom would still be nagging you about marriage, but does this mean all your efforts are in vain?

Nope, never. Please do not think that you are doing anything less than you could have done. In reality, you’ve done enough and you are enough. Sure, the times are difficult, but hey, did you forget that tough times don’t last, and tough people do? So, just hang in there, hold on, relax and trust that you are doing your best and things will soon fall in place.

I understand that it’s actually very easy to say things but increasingly difficult to deal with them, believe me, I understand as I go through it every day. But, I tell you what, you’ve got this, this isn’t the first time you are dealing with stress and anxiety, you will do just fine, just stay calm, and assure yourself that you can create a beautiful future for yourself, your family and everyone around you.

Don’t ever let the opinions of others pull you down, no matter where or who they come from, they are just noise, don’t let a fool talk you out of your potential. You do you and no matter how hard things get, please always remember to hang in there, it’ll all be fine soon. Remember you’ve got this.



Gairika Mitra

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