You Are Strong

Gairika Mitra
3 min readMar 2


Hello everyone, how are things with y’all? I am pretty sure they are fine, or maybe in some cases even more than fine as we did promise each other to be strong and take care of ourselves.

You know as I stepped into adulthood, I realised that life doesn’t get better perhaps ever. Am I being too negative here? Please forgive me if I sound like one, but all I am trying to do is establish a philosophical fact of life. Life perhaps always gets tougher and tougher. Sure, what are we supposed to do in that case? Do we just keep on cringing, put up a grumpy face and complain about life?

No, absolutely not. We must remind ourselves every now and then that we are stronger, much stronger than we appear, much stronger than people perceive us to be. Do not believe me? Well, why don’t you try thinking of the times when you were made fun of, mocked and ridiculed in front of everyone?

What about those days when you did not want to face yourself anymore? When you just wanted to quit? Did all of that bog you down? Did that kill you, or were you much stronger than ever? Of course, the latter is true, or how else does the saying, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” come into place?

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Remember all the negative circumstances that you talked about and all those horrible situations have done nothing but shaped you into what you are today. That is strong, perhaps as strong as a rock. One of my favourite monks of all time Swami Vivekananda would often tell people that if the world needs anything now, it is men and women who are strong.

He would say things like we want muscles of iron and nerves of steel. According to him, strength is life and weakness is death. The Swami would often say that the weak have no place on this earth, or anywhere. And, I keep repeating Swamiji’s quotes to myself every now and then and gain strength.

Of course, life is difficult, it isn’t rainbows and sunshine everywhere. Things are uncertain and unstable. But you know what, you can thrive on this instability, it is your life and you have gotten this far, only because you are strong and you are not someone to bog down, and you have whatever it takes to make things happen, and you will, no matter what.

If you study the lives of successful people you would see that none of them had it easy. And, there is an old saying that nobody on earth has achieved anything without sweat, blood, tears, and years and years of hard work. I am positive that things will work out and work out quite well for us as well.

Till the time it is not happening we just have to keep our calm, relax, have tremendous faith in ourselves, and be strong. I have this feeling deep inside of me that it is because we are strong and can sustain instability are we witnessing so much turmoil, but we will thrive from here.



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