You Are Just An Inch Away From Success

Gairika Mitra
3 min readFeb 14, 2023

Hi there, fam! What’s up with you folks? It’s a beautiful morning today, and I feel supercharged to write this blog, as what’s better for a writer than writing, right? So yeah, like always here I am with a plethora of optimism, and today I intend to share the story of success, not that I have reached that goal yet but would like to share something.

The other day I was listening to this great footballer Sunil Chhetri and was hearing about success. He said in order to be successful one has to keep going, meaning he has to keep doing what he is supposed to do, irrespective of how sick, happy, dull or sad he is feeling. That kind of hurt me deeply because there have been innumerable times when I skipped my daily workouts just because I wasn’t feeling well, or was in a grumpy mood.

The footballer continued that this kind of attitude (the one that I mentioned above about myself) can be the best fit for normal people, and they can never work for a successful person. If a person needs to be successful he has to do whatever it takes to get there. According to him, there will be tough days, bad days, and days when you will be ridiculed, but you have to keep going no matter what.

Courtesy: Pexels

I was listening deeply when he again said that if someone has had good times for a very long period of time, then he has to know that he is one step away from failure, and when one has been battling bad days on a continuous scale then he has to understand that he is just one step away from success.

And, I was elated! Thinking that good days are just there wishing me good luck. Actually, this concept is not a novelty as I recall having read the lives of many saints who would just give up their lavish lives, beg on the streets for food, and continue doing so till they did not reach their goal.

This had happened with Lord Buddha too, as many of you would know he was the son of an emperor, and when the time had come he had left behind all his luxuries and comforts and began setting off on his journey towards his spiritual realisation. He did not become the Buddha, meaning the “Enlightened One” in one go, he had to wait several days, put up with hard work and turmoil and then one day he finally got his calling.

So, I say to myself repeatedly if I am facing troubles now, I have to be certain that better days are just an inch away from me, I just have to hold on till that time comes and there will be no turning back from there. Talking about success is the same thing — every failure is a great opportunity to learn that something new is coming our way and that we will win this no matter what, it is just a matter of time.



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