Why Did I Choose To Write A book?

Gairika Mitra
4 min readDec 6, 2021


Hello folks! A very Happy Monday to one and all and hope y’all are having a good one. We’ve already started working in this part of the world and like always I decided to start my week with a high. So, the very next thing I did after mediating and working out was post my podcast on social media telling people that I launched my novel and also taking them through my journey of becoming an author.

Now as you must have already figured from the headline above, in this novel I am going to be talking about why I chose to write a book. Truth to be told and to be brutally honest, I’d have to say that all of this was never planned in a real sense. It so happened one fine day that an ex-boss of mine had called and he told me that he was writing a book, and called me to ask me if I could read some of the portions of his book and tell him if that was something that I liked.

No sooner than I heard this, I was completely startled by myself — I was like “What, you are writing a book?” “Is that child’s play?” “Doesn’t it require tons and tons of research?” He was patient enough to hear me out and answer all of my questions one by one and I recall him saying something like “Well. you know what? It’s there and inside of you, and once it’s inside it needs to come out.” There I was startled all over again.

Even though it was a weekday and I was working, these thoughts kept ringing in my ears… “It’s there inside of you and it needs to come out.” As I was beginning to work on my next assignment I realised that there were lots of things inside of me that needed to come out as well. Things that range from watching the coconut tree right in front of my window sill, to the Vada Pav seller making a mental count of the amount of customers that’s gonna visit him, and to solving my friends’ professional problems.

These things were very dear to me. These things needed to be said. Please note that this was still the stage of inception, and the idea of writing a novel was nowhere close. Perhaps the very next day or a few days after, as I was writing my weekly blog (I try to write two blogs and a podcast a week at least), I thought that these efforts of mine for the past years could be better drafted and released in a more professional manner. This was in the year 2020, when all of us were still battling our own struggles, getting depressed every time we’d listen to the news, and be melancholic all over again.

That got me thinking if I could do something — anything that could probably influence me and the others around me in a positive way. By this time, I had seen and heard of so many failures around that I had to project the win of the underdog. Everywhere around people could be seen losing jobs, surviving on slashed salaries, the economy crashing down and businesses running out.

What more was left to be seen? Was there any turning back from any of it? Could there be a time when things could become positive again? Could these failures have a happy story again? Would there be sunny days around again? I’d allow myself to think deeply about all of this and after deep contemplation I’d be reminded of the saying “Failures are the pillars of success.” That was it. I could say that was my turning point. There was no looking back from there.

I thought that in such tumultuous times, the least I could do is spread some optimism around and craft a story that’ll be different from the conventional and what better than writing and releasing it in the form of a book?

So, the first chapter was written, then the second one and gradually it kept on accumulating and there was no stopping for me. I knew that the novel had to be written and the message of love, purity and perseverance had to be spread all across the globe. And this is the result of that.

My dream project. Pretty, ain’t it?

This image is from my book launch from Oxford Bookstores. I am sure there will be many more to come and I wish to share my experience of writing a book with y’all. Y’all can get a copy too:

More when we meet and I am elated to take y’all through this writing journey of mine.



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