Being the Change

As I write this, I realise that all those morning runs, weekly meetups, frequenting cafes and meetings friends have really become a far fetched affair. Not only because of the virus, and the novel pandemic as we love to call it, also majorly due to the fact that a certain section of people probably have realised the seriousness of the situation, and have chosen to sever themselves.

Sitting back home on my bed, by my laptop and as I write this I realise that the pandemic has introduced people to minimise a lot of their demands possibly. I say this specifically because when the country was under an entire lockdown, those creative souls that’d often prefer writing by the sea, or while sipping their latte had accepted the fact that things would be at a standstill for quite sometime, and that they’ll have to find comfort and seek refuge in the corners of their house or perhaps make peace with a home desk. Now, am not really sure if their creativity would be reaching the zenith while working from their new work station, but perhaps could just work.

They say a habit is the second nature, and as a writer gets more comfortable working, he lets his imaginary bones to stretch, and it’s his imagination that makes him question about all of that had existed before, and whether any of that was real at all or just an illusion?

Who could answer this objectively, and most importantly, who would be having an answer to any of it? Even if one does, does he know that his version of ‘reality’ and priorities have changed now? Before the virus hit, he’d make it a point to visit his nearby cafe to see if thoughts flow in, and then decide as to which colour could he be using to paint his canvas. The literary clubs too had a wonderful impact for him, and it was quite difficult to survive without its presence. But he did. He is. Surviving bolding. Just that the options and priorities have changed.

Who knows, maybe when things get normal, and all of us would be allowed to work from offices and visit our cafeterias often, we may even start questioning the kind of life that we are leading now. Working out using our mobile apps, writing and reporting from our home desk, keeping ourselves on mute while attending Zoom calls and doing the household chores.

But, none knows when’d that be, at least the health experts haven’t really been giving us a green signal, and tech moguls have stated that remote working would perhaps be continuing for a long time now, even after the pandemic is over…

If that’s the case then possibly in the near future, there might be a day when I might get to write about and question the fact that everyone mostly stayed back at home, and put up a valiant fight against the pandemic.

As of now, the home desk is the only refuge.

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