Until I Win

Gairika Mitra
3 min readMar 14, 2023

Hello there, dear readers. How is the hustle week going? Well, it’s been a little hectic for me, but hey we should not complain now, should we? And, more so no matter what happens we must never quit, right?

Well, if you ask me about my opinion on quitting, I’d like to frame my statement that would sound somewhat like this. I am not quitting until I win. Just this morning I was going through a pretty nice book which highlighted a particular phrase and it said, “Success requires no explanations, and failures require no alibis.”

How true, isn’t it? That got me thinking, and I thought that the statement is absolutely correct, as who on earth ever had to give an explanation about success? Along with this, the other day I was listening to a speech by Shahrukh Khan, the great actor who talked about success. He said that there will be countless such days when we will want to give up, we will not feel like doing things, we will be sick, and we will have pain, but that pain will reduce someday but success isn’t going to wait, and success does not come unless a person is absolutely restless.

These were deep thoughts that led me to ponder again and I thought that success is perhaps something that doesn’t come in so handy and one has to work really hard to achieve it. Sure, from the mere look at it sounds like the path to success is actually very difficult, but we are tough nuts to crack as well, aren’t we?

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I guess this philosophy has been highlighted by our scriptures as well, except in their case they talk of spiritual success only after one has been involved in the process for a very long period of time and doesn’t expect immediate success and recognition. In fact, I have heard several stories where meditation teachers have asked their students to keep practising for a prolonged period of time before they can expect things to go their way.

They (the meditation practitioners) have to keep on practising mindfulness and follow it through with a method of persistence till it becomes a living reality for them. Initially, it might sound to be rattling, but many have been seen to be successful in this field and I am sure we will too, in due course.

But, one thing is for sure, and that is we will not quit. Not now, not ever, not until we win. And when we do we will see that all of the unfavourable experiences that we are going through right now will just pass, and nobody will talk about them, in fact, we can even grow ourselves to such a level where we can proudly say that it was all of those unpleasant happenings, mockeries and ridicules that have shaped us into what we are today.

Until then we wake up, hustle, fight, struggle, and repeat till the time we win.

Lots of love and light to everyone,




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