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Too Much Noise

With the courtesy of the pandemic, we could somehow bid goodbye to the external noise, yet who would be addressing the constant noise that’s rumbling right inside? Voice overs, anxiety, fears, conspiracy, threats, overthinking, and you name it. Amongst these, those that are bold have been kind enough to address this situation as what they call as their mental health taking a toss. It’s here, right here that we have to spare a thought as to how have we been acting amid all this.

It’s really unfortunate that a publication, as renowned and reputed as The Huffington Post India had to be shut down owing to some imbalances, perhaps financial. It was there around two years back I had read an article that mentioned about how the HRs must be doing a thorough background research of a candidate before completing the documentation, getting abreast of the areas that he or she are sensible to.

The article was written by a woman that had been going through mental troubles herself, and through her article, she pleaded the HRs to be a little more tolerant towards people that were already battling mental stress and anxiety. It’s equally sad and disgruntling to note that the state of affairs in the society hasn’t been advanced yet, so much so that very common matters like a talk on mental health, or unemployment are still being considered a taboo. What’s worse amid this is the fact that people want to suppress their feelings and emotions with great gusto, with a show of courage and determination externally.

I mention this specifically as I recall this particular incident when I met a childhood friend of mine in one of the most happening cities, where I had gone for some official work. What intrigued me after meeting him was that I could sense that he was severely depressed, perhaps due to the societal pressure of living upto its expectations and also of his family. Till this point, I had no clue that he had put himself into such a sorry state of affairs, as more often than not, his mother would be calling us to acquaint us with every minute detail of his life, specifically his accomplishments, and what percentage of increment did he fetch the last quarter and the like.

It was only after meeting him that I realised that everything else was a farce, maybe he was earning loads, yet with every penny, he was burning himself out to the zenith. Who would be addressing such issues? When I enquired if his family had any inkling of this state of his, he freaked out, and said that they’d literally consider him to have lost his mind, and also made me promise that I shouldn’t divulge anything to them either. When I protested stating that’d be leaving him in despair, he smiled and said, “Well, you know what, I have made peace with the fact that my whole life would be passing on like this.”

I was left dumbfounded, with my mind not flooding with countless questions, majorly “What ifs” and “If Onlys”. Now, as I have to conclude this, I could only say that yes there is noise, an ample amount of noise. While we have acknowledged this, are we doing something to take proper care of it?



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Gairika Mitra

Gairika Mitra


A writer embarking onto a journey into spirituality, it has literally changed my life overnight! I write twice a week and would love to keep y’all abreast.