Thinking Beyond, Seeing Beyond

Gairika Mitra
3 min readMar 22


Hey there everyone, how is it going? I have been doing just fine by the grace of y’all and wish to do even better in the upcoming days to come. These days there are many motivational speakers and entrepreneurs who emphasise the fact that “one needs to escape the matrix” if one wants to become successful or famous.

Initially, I’d be quite rattled pondering over such thoughts and would often think if these hold any truth at all, but as I have gotten older I have understood that these statements actually do make sense. I mean does life just comprise waking up, studying hard, bagging a job, getting married and just dying after that? Is there nothing else to achieve in life other than what’s mentioned above?

Again, I’d be drawing reference to my favourite scripture “The Bhagavad Gita” where Lord Shree Krishna says that no matter what the circumstances are — good, bad or ugly, we must always be relying on our real “Selves” which is our true reality. It also mentions that things, possessions and people will come and go but it is our “Self” that is going to stay forever.

Amid my daily hustles, where I see people jostling up and down, trying to check all boxes and running in the rat race, I have tried to pick myself up and focus on connecting with the higher reality and discarding everything else as just plain noise. I mean things happen for a reason and I guess it’s time for us to unfold ourselves in front of the higher reality.

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Personally, I can speak for myself that I have nothing against people who seek material things and are on the verge of accumulating wealth, sure that’s very important, but after that, it is equally important to associate oneself with a higher reality, so something for mankind and see beyond the obvious.

The other day I was going through Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” where along with a lot of principles and techniques he mentions that the primary goal of accumulating riches should be to give more and then expect anything in return, and not the other way round. I would not shy away from saying that in the modern world, we operate in exactly the opposite way, well, nature has its own laws and one must abide by them.

I come from a nation that has taught people resilience, respect and humility, and above all the roots of spirituality are imbibed within us already. It is my belief that we need to strengthen it just a bit, and after that, it will all be sunshine for us. Up until that time we just have to keep on striving so that we can reach our goals, and spread this amount of happiness and joy among others.

To conclude, I’d just say that we gotta understand that everything happens in life for a reason, whether good or bad. If things are going well then no matter how good they are they would always require some sort of sacrifice, and bad things would leave us with a lesson, and in both scenarios, we gotta learn how to think and see beyond.



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