The Lord Shall Provide

Gairika Mitra
3 min readNov 17, 2022

Hello there everyone, how are y’all holding up? I am all fit and fine, thanks to all the positive surroundings around me. Well, when I talk of the positive surroundings I must definitely make mention of the spiritual practices that I indulge in and how it has helped me so far.

Myself and my family have been fortunate enough to have been initiated by Swami Gahanananda Giri Ji Maharaj back in 2011 and I have to admit that during such times when things are low and no one to turn to, it is these powers that have helped me all through and continue guiding me.

Every day no matter how busy I am I try to spend some time in silence, meditating deeply and connecting to my inner real Self. I get peace, it feels as if a sudden divinity arises in and around me, and if I have the time then I try increasing my time of meditation and it feels like all sorrows vanish and I emerge more powerful than ever.

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I’ll be honest here, amid so much negativity and turmoil it is indeed very difficult to stay positive, and sure I do encounter countless occasions of self-doubts. But, I try not to overthink and take the advice of some of the successful people. I find that in most of their cases they are the ones who never give up despite the number of setbacks they encounter in their daily lives.

Just the other day I was watching an old interview of Elon Musk where the interviewer asked him why didn’t he shelve his plan of building Tesla when it wasn’t giving him profits, and did he at all have breakdowns? Musk revealed that he was well aware of the fact that his company was going through a rough phase and never for once did he feel like giving up or feeling that he was a failure.

Those days most of the media houses would bad mouth him, write ill about him and some of the renowned folks from the industry would even question his sanity. He shared in the same interview that he felt sad hearing that, but he chose to hold on and he is what he is today making headlines yet again after acquiring Twitter.

Now, just this morning I heard this amazing video of a monk who narrated the Bhagavad Gita and said that in the Gita Lord Shree Krishna mentioned that he would himself come to carry the burden of his devotees and provide them with all that they need.

The monk clarified that Bhagwan didn’t just say that he will grant our wishes, but emphasised that he will carry all that we need and grant it to us. If you consider yourself to be a little practical like me, then you might just question this belief. But, I can say that whenever I found myself in distress, there was always someone to lift me up, and this was no outsider.

I am yet to reach that state of spirituality where I can vouch that I have had the vision of the Lord, but can of course testify that if you are in this route, know for sure that you will never be lost.

There is someone protecting you always, call it the Lord or the Self.



Gairika Mitra

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