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Sightseeing indoors. Courtesy: Working from home/working remotely. At a time when OTT platforms have been acting as saviours from our increased monotony, we try delving deeper and discovering our happiness within.

Sometimes we relate to the protagonists of the series, and more often than not even feel sorry for the villains, so much so that their monologues keep playing inside of our mind for a prolonged time. That apart, many friends have shared that they did develop this intrinsic habit of cleaning more frequently. My guess is this happened owing to them casting closer looks at the furniture, now that their options have been limited outside.

In my case, I’d be stating that sightseeing for me has been mostly internal, and in my case has been a lot of cooking, cleaning and surfing the web, majorly for research-related issues. A whole lot of literary searches, and the ones on philosophy, majorly ancient Greek and Indian. While in the process, and getting to decode the connotations, it could be concluded that none of this is short of sightseeing.

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