Realising My Strength

How often have you heard the saying — “You are a lot stronger than you think you are?” As for me, I have heard the phrase a lot of times and have always wondered if that held true in any sense.

Little did I know that the more you choose to be oblivious about life the more life slaps you with challenges. I am talking from experience, and the same happened to me as well when I knew that I can do something concrete only when I take the plunge from my comfort zone and do something that I feel really uncomfortable doing.

I understand that it is easier said than done, and this is coming from a person like me who likes to avoid controversy at all levels possible. But the fact of the matter is you gotta do certain things sometimes not for anyone else but for the sake of yours. I was watching a video of a woman on Instagram a few days ago where she said that you gotta change and adapt yourself as a person as and when the situation demands you to.

Courtesy: Pexels

She added that a lotta times we tend to refrain from doing so stating that it is not our nature to do so, but honestly speaking that person is not helping you deal with your current situations, and thus you gotta change for the better, and that kind of got me thinking deep.

As most of you would know that I am a spiritual person, and most religions, especially Buddhism emphasizes impermanence. They say that everything that you experience is ephemeral and all of that is going to pass soon enough. So, you have to pick yourself up and get going, reconnect with your normal, powerful self, change if you have to, and get going.

In my personal life, I too had a similar experience when I had to forcibly yell at a person, which is completely against my nature, and actually, after I did that I kind of felt empowered within and felt like I should have done that months back, and actually should have nipped things in the bud when I saw things she would unnecessarily poke her nose in the private matters of me and my family.

I was just scared for some reason, don’t know why, but I don’t feel fear anymore. Now I realise that when they said that we are far more powerful than we think, they didn’t fake it, they meant it actually!



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Gairika Mitra

A writer embarking onto a journey into spirituality, it has literally changed my life overnight! I write twice a week and would love to keep y’all abreast.