Not Thinking About The Results

Gairika Mitra
3 min readFeb 25, 2023

Hello, my dear readers, how are y’all holding up? It feels great to be writing to y’all on the weekend, and my blog for today is going to be about working, as in putting in all the efforts, and at the same time, not thinking of the results.

Umm, did you spot a paradox right there? I mean who on earth puts in all the effort without expecting anything in return, correct? I mean that guy must be a raving lunatic, right? Well, what if I told you that this is exactly what all successful people do? In the second chapter of the Bhagavad Gita when Arjuna, the great warrior refuses to fight the great war stating that it would be unwise and unjust to be fighting against his own kin, Bhagwan Shree Krishna tells him that he being a warrior his primary responsibility is to fight wars, and not think of the results.

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The Lord said that since Arjuna was a Kshatriya (meaning a warrior by caste), it was his supreme responsibility to make sure that he fights his wars and keeps up his duty. Hearing this Arjuna opined that there was no point in fighting the war as his winning would mean killing his own peers, and his defeat would mean hell for him and his family. The Lord consoled him and said that it is his moral right to fight the war, and if he really needs peace of mind then he should not actually be thinking of the results.

You know to think of it, I have tried contemplating this in my professional life, and have often discovered that this is a good way of living. So, there are many times when I write to a lot of clients and not all of them write back to me, but when they do it feels great to me. Of course, everyone wants business, but that shouldn’t be at the cost of one’s own well-being.

In the initial days, I used to be weary, irritated and stressed out all the time, as I wasn’t getting many clients to work with, but as days rolled by I realised that there was absolutely no point stressing as worrying will not cause anything but physical and mental turmoil, and let’s be honest, nobody wants additional anxieties.

So, it was time again that I sought refuge in the Bhagavad Gita, our holy scripture and I realised that I gotta act as if I was unattached, and I should be putting in the effort, do all that is necessary to be done but never ever think about the results. Have I been able to gain peace of mind? Certainly. Am I stressed like before? Well, yes, a lot of times, just that now I seem to be operating from an area of calm, and believe me, never before have I felt so peaceful.

Does that mean business is not important, and aren’t clients? Of course, they are. But, as an individual you can only do your bit, and wait for your time. Act as if the world depends on you, but never expect anything out of it!



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