Not Settling

Gairika Mitra
3 min readMay 29


Hello there, my lovely readers, hope y’all had a great weekend, and are bracing up to start a new week. Well, I am bracing up too, and am mentally preparing to rock this week. Actually, truth be told, it’s kind of a dare I have given myself that no matter what happens or how hard the previous day had been, I must begin my new day with positive vibes, and aspirations, followed by great actions.

As they say that merely dreaming and aspiring isn’t going to take us anywhere if we aren’t planning to take the required actions. Whether or not we are going to be successful at it, is a different thing, but we are not going to be bothered by the results anyway. No, this isn’t me asking y’all to embrace this kind of life, but actually, it was Bhagwan Krishna who said that one must continue doing his actions without thinking about the results.

Sure, all of us out here are hardworking people, we believe in doing our best and are never deterred by our present conditions, our bank accounts or our environments. Somehow or the other we have been successful in telling ourselves that we are much more than what meets the eye, and we have the eyes and the mindset to see things, and eventually act upon them, which others cannot.

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There is no shame in admitting the fact that in this route there are more failures than successes, all of us walking this path have kind of gotten so used to rejection that we do not seem to fear it anymore. Taking small paces along the way we have somehow been able to establish that we are valuable, and many years down the line we have been able to self-validate ourselves.

We have now reached such a point in our lives where we have somehow overcome self-doubt, and we do not let ourselves drown in wallow and self-pity. We have learnt to pick ourselves up no matter how many blows we get from the world, and gradually along the way we have learnt not to settle for less.

Perhaps it is because we have leant the hard way, we have learnt that when no one is there to stand up for us, we are the ones who have to do it, no matter what the other person says. We have learnt that if we fail to determine our self-worth in the market, and most importantly to ourselves, we are the ones that will end up getting hurt the most, with no one else to come to our rescue.

Why then should we settle for something or someone who is far below our standards, especially when the other person or thing is not going to leave us with nothing other than pain? Why should we be so scared to value ourselves? It’s high time that we determine our self-worth, and refuse all the offers that do not meet our standards.

We will not budge an inch from this thought process. Not now, not ever. It really took us a very long time to get here, and sure the voyage wasn’t easy, but now that we are here, we are not going to settle for less, not anymore.



Gairika Mitra

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