No Monday Blues

Gairika Mitra
3 min readNov 29, 2021


Hey there everyone!

How are you all holding up and of course let me take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy Monday! I am elated to share this piece of news with y’all that I just launched my debut novel last Sunday and can’t seem to think that it’s over already! But that’s a different story and I am planning to dedicate a few of my upcoming blogs on my journey of becoming an author from a journalist and I’ll get to that eventually.

I am here to talk about Monday Blues or no Monday Blues as you just might have understood from the headline. So, like every other Monday I’ll have to say that I was a bit lazy to kickstart this week when I discovered this brilliant email from the Management that said that they’ll be giving us holidays for an entire week in the last month of December and frankly the way in which the message was crafted was just beyond my expectation.

Image by Toe Heftiba on Unsplash

You know in our usual lives, we do encounter many such situations where we say things like “Well, you know what? I’ll make sure my boss has a tough time dealing with this assignment of mine” and “Oh man, that person is so terrible as a boss, who’d ever want to work with him” and so forth. Till this time, I was pretty much acquainted with dealing with people and situations that aren’t very favourable to you all the time and are always in search of a chance to fire at them or put them in a false position.

Yet, this time it was just so very different. The organisation that I work for, the boss, the management was so good that I could hardly complain. In my daily life, there are very few instances where I am dumbfounded. I always find one way or the other to get back at the person, no matter who that is, except for this one time, when I went absolutely blank for a good half an hour.

I read, re-read and re-read the emil at least 7 times to make sure what I was reading was true, and with every time I was dumb founded over and over again. The thing is how do you react under such situations, how do you react when someone, especially your employer is being this good to you?

Would a simple thank you suffice? I thought and thought and ultimately came to this solution that I must thank my Management for being so kind and caring towards their employees, towards me and my family. And I brought my keyboard an inch closer to me with a bright smile and typed out a huge thank you message, when I saw that other colleagues of mine have thanked the Management too, while some said that they are lucky to be here, other said that the office was the only place they could get relief as this year was very rough to them.

When I look at their messages, I see that perhaps my message wasn’t as profound and extravagant as theirs, but I can safely and proudly say that this Monday I suffer from No Monday Blues!



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