News Reading Is More Scrolling Than Flipping These Days!

Yet, the craving still persists, and exudes a feeling that something is amiss from the daily roster. Yet, being a digital suitor, the tryst for the online form of reading news has been well engraved and adjusted to. This new form has its perks like you can zoom in, if you find a particular word intriguing, and then you can zoom out at your own convenience. Also, if you are leafing through your phone or tablet, then you may do it as and how you like it, sans worries about the posture, or being sceptical regarding the creases.

Even though it excludes oneself of the gentle, calm and refreshing aroma of the newsprint that’s inspiring enough to bring a fresh and charismatic start to the day, nevertheless, the e copy seems to satiate the yearning for knowledge. But, the debater inside still puts forth this argument that flipping pages certainly carries along a feel on the emotional psyche, which cannot be dismissed under any given advancement of technology.

Well, coming to think of it, it does, actually. Flipping to the next page, gleams up the mood, carries a sense of accomplishment along with it, kindness similar to gently patting over completing a whole page of news from the national and international borders. On the contrary, scrolling down doesn’t necessarily churn out the same feel, in fact, much to its opposite, it intensifies the process of reading, urging a person to complete it sooner…

Additionally, ealier, flipping the pages of the dailies, even involved a sense of competition among the family members, or roommates, as to who would complete it first, for the other person to eye through. Smartphones probably have eradicated the sense of competition entirely, and replaced it with ownership. Intense and thoughtful, and certainly a massive change in a dilapidated mindset, isn’t it?

But, the point here is, is it for good? With globalisation doing the rounds and most people working remotely, is this a replica of how things are going to materialise in the future? Even if it does for that matter would it be just to sway away the age old habit of flipping the pages? Imagine holding a physical copy of The Wall Street Journal in your hand, vis a vis reading it on the web, isn’t the difference too vivid? In that case, does flipping gain a little more leverage than scrolling?



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Gairika Mitra

A writer embarking onto a journey into spirituality, it has literally changed my life overnight! I write twice a week and would love to keep y’all abreast.