New Day. New Opportunity

I had mentioned this very recently in one of my podcasts where I said that I was inspired by this video by Gaur Gopal Das. In this video, he talked about five things that one must do while one wakes up, and one must cherish the two gifts that he wakes up with — the gifts being his two eyes, with the help of which he can see the beautiful creation of the universe.

Then he continued saying that one must begin the day by being grateful because a lot of people might not have seen this day. So, he insisted that one must begin the day by being grateful. Secondly, he said that one must start the day with a positive thought, that can be anything from “I am beautiful” to “I can do anything”.

Image by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

Thirdly, he stressed that we should strive to hold onto that positive thought, and must never bow down to negativity no matter what. This process, although might seem to be a little difficult at the beginning, later on, will unfold a lot of opportunities for us, and we’d gradually raise ourselves to such a point that being negative would become a task for us.

Next, he opined that no matter how good, bad or ugly one treats us throughout the day, we gotta keep our calm, convince ourselves and realise that everything that is happening to us is a part of a bigger picture, which is going to be an awesome one, and we must not bog ourselves down with unnecessary overthinking and must enjoy every moment going forward.

Lastly, the speaker held the view that throughout the day one must strive to help others, in whatever way one can, and then he’d realise and experience an enormous pleasure because he didn’t do anything in expectation of a return, and thus helping someone out of a problem is fun indeed.

To be honest, I watched this video at night and I can say that it’s been three days since my practising this new ritual and I can say that it has been really great for me. Now, most of you reading my blogs would know that I’ve often made a mention of my horrific experiences at the workplace, and today I feel that if there is anyone that can make a difference — it’s me.

I’d have to find out ways, mend ways and also probably dust myself every time I fall to the ground (which is quite often here, unfortunately), I gotta make sure that I rise every time I fall, and take lessons from my previous mistakes, and as the fourth tenet mentioned that no matter what happens, or how one treats you, you gotta understand and convince yourself that this is happening for the better and that all of this is a part of a larger picture that you are a part of, and where you’d probably be the protagonist.

So, here I am, and this is a brand new day, with a brand new opportunity in front of me. Just in front of me, I can see this canvas, which is still white in colour, and I have to choose what shade would I paint it with. To begin with, I’d say that I’d choose such a colour that would help me recognise this new opportunity in front of me, and lead me to believe that I am doing good in this current state and that the upcoming days would be brighter…

We have to understand that everything happens and starts with the mind, and our thoughts gradually take the shape of whatever we feed it with throughout the day, and as of now, we have to say that we must not look back, forget our past, and keep matching right ahead of us.

Happy midweek everyone, have an awesome day ahead.

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