Mindset Is Everything

Gairika Mitra
3 min readMay 29


Hello hello, people! How is it going? It’s warm and sultry out here, but that is no reason for us to not write, isn’t it? You know, mindset is everything, right? This is why today, we are going to do a little time travelling.

Well, I’ll concede that this is a little anti my character, as I always prefer being and acting in the present, but not today, today we are going to step into the future. A beautiful future. I am already here, and I can say that this is the life that I always wanted to have. A life that is abundant in everything — health, wealth, relationships, you name it.

This life showcases that I have achieved financial freedom as well and that too in my mid-thirties. Now, isn’t that something to rejoice for? Certainty! I mean who would not love a life that is away from all the middle-class miseries like bargaining for groceries, and vegetables, standing in long queues at the airport, going to overcrowded movie theatres, and so forth?

Is leading such a life possible? Well, reports say yes, there have been a plethora of self-made millionaires in this world, and adding a few more people to the list wouldn’t kill. The point is that leading such a lifestyle sounds heavenly, and I am sure it is divine to live such a life as well.

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But, what is the way of getting there? Would mere talking and thinking about it help? Um, I’d doubt that. Actually getting there would mean tons of hard work, sacrifices, dedication, and the like. As they say that every overnight success is at least a ten-fifteen-year-old story. The people who have made it this far say that visualisation is extremely important, and they also say that if someone wants to get somewhere then they intentionally have to act like that person who will leave no stone unturned to achieve the things he wants to.

On the spiritual side, the young monks who come to meditate for the first time mostly have an idea about where they want to go in their spiritual journey and would act like every day is preparing them to reach there, they are being led by their strong mindset.

In our cases, we can say that if we are planning for a brighter future ahead of ourselves, we have to plan for greater actions, and a strong mindset that will allow us to act in that direction, and a mindset that will reassure us from time to time that we have reached where we want to reach, or are almost there.

Every morning, we will have to wake up with the mindset that we have whatever it takes to be successful, to create the dream life for ourselves and our families, and we will have to believe in ourselves despite knowing that everyone else around us is far better than us.

Our mindset must be such that nothing could damage or divert us from our goals, and one that compels us to believe in ourselves, that says that we can rule the world, as only if we believe in ourselves, so will the world.



Gairika Mitra

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