Look At The Giant Sky Outside

In the Vedantasara that I have been leafing through, actually kind of tyring to decipher, today we were taught about the concept of all the power that lies within the Self. In Sanskrit, that would be called “Aham Brahmasmi” or You are that Brahman, the absolute self.

It’s important to say here in this regard that philosophy isn’t actually as easy as it sounds — in fact it involves with itself a lot of theories which’d perhaps need to go through a lot of transition before it does actually become a reality. At least I feel so, maybe this is because I didn’t have philosophy as a subject in my school which is what is making it difficult for me to grasp meanings at one go.

Now, getting back to Aham Brahmasmi, in today’s class Swamiji, Swami Sarvapriyananda mentioned that we must keep on attending the classes and in that way we’d do a lot of wonderful things together, and that statement kind of gleamed up my morning. Quite unknowingly I was transcended into this world of promises and if I have to be honest, I have to say that I was already introduced to a future that was wonderful and perfect.

Photo by Simone Euferni on Unsplash

Swamiji further illustrated his statement with the help of an image that showed a huge window displaying the massive sky and at the extreme right-hand corner there were two holes that could showcase only a little amount of sky, Swamiji emphasised that we are that infinite sky that added to the beauty of the window, and that’s our reality. We are that massive, unlimited sky, it’s only our misconception or disbelief that leads us to think that we are limited being operating out of this body and mind.

They say that years of darkness is removed by a simple lighting of a matchstick, similarly, our ignorance would also be removed by knowledge. The knowledge about us, ourselves and our real nature. After knowing that we have to continuously keep in faith, reminisce it and understand that it is our very true nature.

If I do have to be truthful here, I’d say that balancing and manifesting this in real life is difficult indeed — but it is possible I guess and Swamiji said that the great sages and the great men and women have done that, lived in their destined bodies and they have thrived there, never complaining.

I’d have to be honest with myself and all of you here that in practical life, I do not find this to be that easy — perhaps it’ll take some more time. But, I’d want to end this blog with a positive note and one where Swamiji says that it is deep and eternal prayer that all his students and disciples get the taste of Vedanta and may all of them be enlightened here in this life and living in this body itself.

And, I hope so too…

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