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Living Off La La Land

Gairika Mitra


As I begin to write this, I experience uncanny goosebumps all through my body. Perhaps, because it’s a Tuesday, and am pondering over this fictional fantasy and even attempting at daydreaming, stuck between choosing a Butterscotch scoop, and a Black current.

The heart longed for both, and I obliged soon, as, in the La La Land, one can eat to his heart’s content, and never put on weight. The next thing I do is stretch my hand towards my AirPods Pro, and play BTS’s ‘Film Out’ and swing my head to the magnificent and refreshing tune, especially the ‘la la la’ part. Gives you an entirely different feeling here in La La Land…

Next, I spot my green coloured glasshouse, and hurriedly ascend the stairs up to the terrace, to take a dip in the pool, only to stay immersed for hours, looking at the giant sky above, and perhaps trying a hand at contemplating life.

As I begin delving deeper into the contemplation on of this voyage called ‘life’, I try gauging whether phrases like “Failures are the pillars of success” and “Every failure is an opportunity” holds true. Right now, I’d try assessing the COVID scenario and perhaps would have no shame admitting that we’ve failed at most capacities to tackle COVID.

The La-la land doesn’t allow you to be critical of the other but paints a picture of what you could do in reality to help yourself and others. To begin with, you could prepare yourself a delicious dessert in the form of Mango Dalgona Shake with extra ice perhaps, to be able to give yourself a nice treat this summer.

Here in the la-la land, you’d find yourself shining like a million bucks, without too much of an effort. So, I don’t have to spend time scrubbing and moisturising myself (not that I do that too often back home), but in case you have to surprise your friends, instead of forwarding a link to a homemade scrub, you can make yourself one, shoot it and share it with them to exude a more personalised experience.

And, you could do other things too, like trying a hand at painting and pottery. Even though I am told both painting and pottery require immense concentration and patience, but here at the la-la land, with one stroke of your brush, your painting resembles Da Vincis and your pottery might turn out to be as spectacular as Picassos.

You’d eventually reach a time when people would just step forward to congratulate you for this impeccable piece of art.

Well, if all this sounds too overwhelming, then you might just sit back, relax, zone out, and like me try living off la-la land…



Gairika Mitra

A writer embarking onto a journey into spirituality, it has literally changed my life overnight! I write twice a week and would love to keep y’all abreast.