Just before I began writing this piece, I remember this proverb that I read somewhere on the web, perhaps four years back. It said something like this “Speech is silver, silence is golden.” When I came across that proverb, I was kind of awestruck by it, even though I wasn’t entirely sure of what it meant in reality.

Despite my uncertainties, I could feel that the proverb was powerful in itself, and that being or remaining silent is in itself a great virtue, albeit I cannot give myself credit for being silent all day long. However, I did realise that whenever there are such situations that are grim or tense, being silent proves to be really powerful.

In our day to day lives, imagine all such situations when perhaps things didn’t pan out, exactly as we wanted it to and in those cases instead of just donning the defensive cap on, we could certainly expect to fetch varying results if we choose to remain silent and not act impulsively, just for once.

It’d perhaps be wise and pertinent to mention about my journey into meditation and how that has improved my life over the days. I guess when an individual realises that there is very little he can do about the external turmoil, he plans on turning inward, perhaps to discover an inner peace, what the world is unlikely to offer him most likely.

Image courtesy of Petri Haanpaa

Something similar happened with me too, I turned and decided to work on my inner powers, and possibly with the passage of time and practice I discovered that life had filled me with this immaculate patience in times of stress and chaos. To be honest, of course there are times when my feet are slippery too, but I can say that for a fact that the intensity is much lower than before.

Perhaps this has worked a lot on my level of expectations too. Every time friends cancel a meeting, a call, I seem to get less annoyed these days — perhaps somewhere I get to understand the fact that they might have had their compulsions somewhere, which is why they couldn’t make the call. I must mention this incident, when I spotted my neighbour telling me that I shouldn’t hit my cat when he yells, when I was the one to tell her the exact same thing when she’d be hitting her cat every time he wouldn’t listen to her.

I had a hearty laugh about that inside and managed to just smile and nod in front of her, portraying that she was right and it was me that was at fault. Surprisingly, when I did turn inside, I found an uncanny, unidentified and subtle peace within, over not having confronted her.

Perhaps my internal organs, under the able leadership of my mind, ascertained and abided by the fact that “Speech is silver, but silence is golden.”