Is This The Right Time?

The other day, one of my connections on LinkedIn mentioned that LinkedIn can best be described as a site that distributes knowledge for free. To put it in his terms, “Free mein gyan baat ne ka platform”. I don’t intend to write this post to debate about how far I second his statement, but maybe I would deviate my attention towards Facebook and Instagram.

Recently, actor Amit Sadh shared his upcoming initiative of not posting stuff on social media, and not giving a glimpse of his privileged life, at a time when the entire country has been battling COVID. He made a mention of the migrant labours and people from the lower strata as well and asked the well offs to donate.

Now, that touched my heart, and honestly was the only decent post that I came across social media after a very long time. Usually, it’s couples frequenting their favourite cafes, bachelors sharing the lit images from their recent trekking trip, novices baking a sumptuous banana cake, and fitness enthusiasts posting their pull-up stunts.

Even though at a personal level, I am not against the portrayal of their happening lives on social media, but am just concerned if we actually posting this at the right time? While we might be privileged enough to grab a morsel of Italian Risotto with our family, there might be some soul out there jostling through all odds, leaving their hometowns, and struggling here in the metros to make ends meet.

As humans, is it not our responsibility to ensure that our actions do not sound impudent to the other? We might not be in a position to help them out economically, but can we not act tad responsibly, and refrain from engaging in such actions that might have a negative repercussion in society?

We must have heard of the chain reaction, it’s somewhat similar to that. It might seem really futile and tiny to discuss about such things right now, but our actions have a wider impact, and that’s not only restricted to ourselves, but to society as a whole.

Perhaps it’s time that we remind ourselves that Facebook and Insta stories aren’t running anywhere, but for every next extravagant step of ours, are we analysing if the timing is right?

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