Is Fatigue Qualitative?

Gairika Mitra
2 min readNov 20, 2020

At a time when everything is supposed to quantified, could we also try quantifying our fatigue? By mentioning fatigue, I mean not physical tiredness or burning out, but mental, societal and psychological.

At a time when you get surrounded by pieces of information that mention about random killings in France, beheading of a teacher over religious reasons and at a time when the entire world is battling a pandemic, you are been given job assurances, when honestly there aren’t plenty of those available.

Those times when you do come across such pieces of news, you can’t help but feel sorry for yourself for having to go through so much turmoil. This has a severe cascading effect when the times you actually talk to people, you get to hear the same things and so on the next time. Most of the times you do either discuss the rise or fall of the COVID cases, Bihar and US election results or the ruckus concerning global politics, be it in Nice, Thailand or Chile.

While most wouldn’t really agree to the fact, but it isn’t too difficult to understand that these days most of us scroll through news and switch channels, only to let out a deep sigh, and say things like enough is enough and that the mind can’t process anymore. It’s fatiguing. Just plain fatigued.

Could this fatigue be quantified, using deep and heavy adjectives, or just by the mere expression of words? Perhaps not. Not in the long run and for the longest time. Such qualities of fatigue could only be expressed via quality that speaks about the level of the heart been susceptible to the miseries around.

Sad but true. The point is, could we be doing anything about this? If we can be big-mouthed and say that our happiness is our responsibility, could we be saying that fatigue too is a part of the same? And, unfortunately, it’s qualitative, where the quality degrades by each passing day. This could perhaps be explained in terms of the excessive care, concern and tenderness that we have reserved inside our hearts for the others. Who could be able to validate for this increased qualitative fatigue?

Is there any way by which this could be lessened? If yes, then is turning a blind eye an option?



Gairika Mitra

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