How ‘Touchable' Is ‘Untouchability’?

Untouchability would crop out as one of the most discussed topics, right from the Gandhian era, where he had coined the term ‘Harijan’ to address the untouchables. Now the question is, how tangible is this concept of untouchability? Is it just merely abstract? How have these factions made a place in society? Who makes these regulations?

During childhood, there were certain objects like red chili powder, sometimes black pepper that would fall under this category. But humans? Isn’t that really really stretched too far? When it comes to domestic helps, can any of the sophisticated urban individuals manage a day without them? And, when things come to the distribution of food, it would be noticed that their utensils, cutlery (if any) would be kept separate, this is if the family is liberal, otherwise for the crude ones, banana leaves are destined. They would be asked to dine in a deserted area, post which their hands have to be washed in place that is far away from the house.

Yet, the only thing that is bothering the self, is that do we people even realise the extent of our brutalities?

Most of us, the well-educated class hold the opinion that how is any of this impacting our lives? As long as well have a concrete terrace above our heads and the supply of some amazing sumptuous food? For our entertainment, we would prefer clinging and relying on to mainstream commercial movies, or videos like ‘How can neighbours become lovers?’ Or perhaps ‘How should couples celebrate Holi?’ As mentioned previously ‘What is it to us?’

The word ‘touch’ when used as a verb can have an entirely different connotation and is being used generally to describe an essence of warmth and support. Yet, in this context can anyone gauge the fact and own up to it and say that untouchability is ‘touchable?’ Should we perhaps rethink?

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