How To Keep The Self Motivated To Write

Hey folks, hope this week is treating y’all good and you are holding up well. So, in my blog yesterday, I mentioned and took y’all along with a journey of me being a published author for the first time, where I also stated the reason for me writing a book and how I finally convinced myself that there were lots and lots of stories to tell, and I had to make sure that they reach the correct target audience and what better than a book to compile and collate all your thoughts?

Thus the journey began and frankly I can reveal here that there was no looking back from there as I’ve already started conceptualising my second novel (Ssshhh, this is just between you and me). So, as you can already imagine that writing a full fledged book, a whole novel isn’t child’s play and that it requires some rigorous amount of dedication, continuity, focus and discipline. Among all the four determinants that I mentioned here, the most favourite one to me is continuity — one that’s intangible in itself, but has a profound effect on you, especially if you want to be in the path of perfection.

And of course, the most important part here in my writing voyage was motivation — because remember there aren’t tons, rather any person around to motivate you, to ask you to complete your book. Since the project is already at a nascent stage and you are still unsure whether it’ll live long enough to see the light of the day, you can’t even reveal to a lot of people that you are writing a book. So, there are no motivational speeches or videos for you. It’s almost like you are in this barren land where there are no vegetations around, and you are suddenly thinking of growing a whole forest there.

But, amidst all of this, there is one thing that is omnipresent, and how much ever less daunting it may sound at the beginning, but it’s presence cannot be negated. Intoxication. The intoxication of getting into the process, the intoxication of letting yourself feel like a writer, and the intoxication of typing your words, the ones that’ll be published in the form of a book one day. Your book.

It’s this intoxication that doesn’t let you sleep, doesn’t let you get tired, so much so that you don’t cringe to work on weekends. You feel amazing, relaxed and complete in yourself, it feels as if you are achieving all that you always dreamt of. And, I’d like to state here that the feeling exuded out of all of this, is nothing short of one word — DIVINE.

So, yeah just a while back we were talking about motivation and that’s what the headline of the blog says too. So, you already must have understood from the paragraphs above that self motivation is the key and so are self belief and self confidence. So, somewhere down the line you gotta believe that it’s you, and you alone that is capable of achieving so much. You gotta think, rather believe that your work is going to be the best ever and only then it will happen in reality.

Just a little anecdote offtrack, when I first started stepping into the field of journalism, there was this voice inside of me that always kept repeating that one day I am going to be working for a publication that’ll give me a global exposure and my work will be showcased across the globe, and that’s a reality today.

What did I have to do to get here? To work a little extra hard? Well sure, yes. But, at the initial stage it all began with the belief in me that said “Yes, it’s possible and you will achieve that.” So, everything begins with yourself and right now we must recognise that it is us that are the most powerful, just that that power has to be manifested in the right place and at the right time.

So, just a few points to summarise today’s blog:

Self motivation and self belief, you gotta act like everything is your responsibility and gather your things together

Picturing yourself in the future. Suppose you want to reach a particular destination, picture yourself there already

Feeding and reminding yourself of the powerful being that you already are

Manifesting that strength and power at the right place and right time

Lastly, believing that all of this is possible in real life

Well, I am sure that there’ll be many more points to add on to the list, but I’d like to make another addition here that one must know how to relax as well, and not beat yourself up about it. It’s all good, have some coffee, relax and then nail it!

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