Has COVID Temporarily Taken Away Our Climate Change Worries?

Just before the advent of the novel Coronavirus, climate change occupied a major part of both the grey and white matter. Whether it was the unprecedented drizzling and heavy downpour in December, or the gradual melting of the glaciers up there in the Atlantic, it made a tremendous, gigantic impact, which would have it’s own repercussions, shaping up in the form of reading more, and following people and nations talking about climate change.

To be brutally honest, while eyeing through the morning newspaper, reports on climate change irked or called for intense attention more than the lead story. It was bothering and melancholic, failing to hear the constant chirping of the sparrows, a melody that was so well accustomed to the ears that its eerie absence hit quite hard, yet there was no satisfactory explanation available. Possibly urbanisation could own up to some extent…

Greta Thunberg reinstated the firm conviction to a great deal, when she promoted and held the view about what a macabre crisis humanity is likely to encounter owing to climate change. And it did. Yet, many leading corporations came to the forefront, and expressed their zeal to go carbon negative in the upcoming years.

Amid all this, when mankind was still jostling with the existing crisis, came another bolt from the blue, one that's spreading like a wildfire, with no remedies in the field of medicine yet. All over news, social media and conversations, director indirect, Corona seems to hog all the limelight, discussions stretching from the number of positive cases, to what zone you are in. Like just now it came to knowledge that the number of cases in Maharashtra have surpassed that of China's official figures. Truly, much of the limelight has been snatched by and also reportedly dedicated to Corona. Be it locally, at a national level, or globally. The pandemic has spread its wings really far and high, and undoubtedly is soaring higher and higher.

Everything else comes second hand and is secondary. Did COVID temporarily flatten the concern for climate change graph then?

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