Happy Hump Day

Hey guys, it’s hump day. I am sure most of you would be quite acquainted with this term — unlike me who got to know what this truly means only when my Filipino boss pointed it out to me. When I truly did understand the meaning, I’d think of things like “What? What’s good about a Wednesday?” and “Who wishes Happy Midweek”, etc. when you have two whole days to crash?

Days rolled by, by slog continued and so did the lack of motivation, until I realised that perhaps my boss or whoever coined this term and initiated this practice of exchanging sweet pleasantries on a midweek, actually did a fab job. I say this not out of modesty, not at all, but out of sheer realisation that it’s true indeed that you need some kind of push while you are moving ahead in your journey, which is usually solitary.

Image courtesy of Brett Jordan on Unsplash

I’d have to say here that whenever it’d be Wednesday earlier I’d think to myself and even some of the newsletters that I subscribed to would say things like “Oh dear, it’s just Wednesday” and I’d fret accordingly. However with the passage of time and the fact that I have aged perhaps, I feel good when someone says things like “Happy midweek” or “Happy hump day, let’s do this.”

Just this morning and an hour before I started writing this piece, we had an office con call, and inside of me I kept wondering what is the purpose of these calls? How much can one get to be productive anyway during such meetings? Are these at all fruitful? But to my utmost surprise when I did attend the meeting, I discovered an uncanny amount of happiness within me, as if it was just oozing out somehow. More than that there was this spirit of oneness too, oneness of being with the team, oneness of developing a team spirit.

Discussing presentations and interacting with each other it felt as if we lost track of time and it was an hour already! As we were bidding goodbye to each other, inside of my heart there was this sudden desire to hold on and cling more. It was as if my heart wanted the meeting to continue for at least an hour.

Weird, isn’t it? Yes, the logical part of me feels that too. But now I understand that wishing an individual luck, or just asking about his well being doesn’t take anything away from the person asking it, instead it fills his heart with joy when the person at the other end says “I am well, thank you” or something like “Thank you, you have a good day too.”

Perhaps my boss was well aware of these techniques and greetings when he reached out to me and I am sure he’d be elated to know about everyone else’s feelings and well being too. The fact of the matter is that I do feel very good about it, and given a choice I’d of course want to take this practice forward and spread optimism around.

Meanwhile, “Happy hump day”. Hope you have a good one and an even greater rest of the week.