Going After What’s Impossible

Gairika Mitra
3 min readMay 15


Hello again everyone, good afternoon, as it is here. It feels really good to write, especially if writing is your profession and since I just completed writing a blog, I thought I’ll write another one. As most of y’all would know that I am really big on motivation and spirituality, I got my motivation from a video just before I started writing this blog.

In that video, there was an old man who said that we have to always expect big things to happen to us, go after the big things and not only go after the impossible but also have it. I watched the video two-three times more and honestly, never have I ever been so motivated before. This video even made me recall Swami Vivekananda where he would say that limitations only exist in our minds.

So, where were we? Yeah, talking about the impossible. Well, in my case I can say that I find real joy in thinking about the impossible, doing the impossible, and also going the impossible route. Kinda gives me fun, but yeah, let me also share that I haven’t been successful yet in my efforts, but sure, I have promised myself not to give up. Of course, I have my plans for success, but no expectations, as Elon Musk says that we must have our plans ready for success, but at the same time be prepared to fail as well.

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Well, this is easier said than done, but as they say failures are the pillars of success. Also, the price of winning might seem to be too high now, but the bill from regret is definitely going to be higher. Now, talking about failures, I mean who on earth prepares for one, isn’t that the craziest thing to say?

I mean yeah sure, but then if you operate from a sense of just doing all that you have to do, and not expect anything in return, you will have mental peace. But, you will never have mental peace if you are lying on your deathbed and wailing and regretting life.

The thing about me is I do not want to regret, like ever. I am willing to fail a hundred times, than not try at all. I wasn’t like this until a few years ago, when I’d only be craving success. The very thought of failure would disgust me, but as in my voyage, I have encountered more failures than successes, I guess I have become comfortable with failing. Now, when I have to do something important, I just know that I have to do it no matter what and the thoughts of success and failure do not even cross my mind.

I guess all of these things combined have led me to run and chase the impossible, and I can vouch for the fact that it has been a great ride. Sure, there are downtimes, but they are just a part of life. Over the days, I have become so obsessed with seeing the larger picture, the bigger image that my mind cannot think of anything small, and I l just love it this way.

Also, I constantly keep reminding myself that there is no way, absolutely no way that if I work this hard, I wouldn’t get to where I want to, and till then I am just holding tight.



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