Fighting The Inner Demon

Gairika Mitra
3 min readOct 18, 2021

Hello guys, happy Monday and am sure most of us must be facing Monday Blues already. This reminds me of those times when I would have to travel to the office physically and I still do recollect a couple of my colleagues complaining, rather suggesting that Mondays should be a holiday and that Tuesdays must be the start of the week.

Those days I’d just hear and smirk, not falling prey to any of those future predictions and expectations and I’d just wonder why’d people complain so much about Mondays and joining back to the office, wasn’t it something to be proud of and to rejoice? But gradually as I became a little older, I too was hit by the bug and there are times when I just feel like I am slogging throughout the day.

Well, actually my friends describe me as someone that’s super organised, one that’ll often fret if things aren’t happening accordingly and missing a day of working out would seem to be the end of the world! Despite all of this, often there are times when I do feel like enough is enough, and I wouldn’t mind if I could take a holiday, and spend the rest of the time just lazing around and doing nothing.

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And, when there’s time to do some actual work, I feel that I should just take it easy. Now, I am fully aware that the inner conscience in me says that it’s a sin to procrastinate and just be lazy, but sometimes my feet do get slippery. My question and the whole purpose of writing this blog is why? Why do I get to get so weak when I do know very well that all of this is going to be detrimental to my health — both physical and mental.

Also, I’d want to highlight the fact that whenever my day is going perfectly fine and there’s practically nothing wrong with it — there are times when I do hear these inner voices that say that something terrible is going to happen and I do almost kill myself fighting those inner demons. They say that problems are just 1% of what happen to you, versus 99% of how you do react to them. And, I can very well say that in my case there are instances where it’s my own inner voice that acts as the villain.

Perhaps it’s time that we must put an end to all such terrible thoughts from the inside and figure out by training our mind what’s the best for us and do exactly that. Citing my personal example I can state that I have been miserable a lot of times, and have also failed more often than not, but I can state that every time in my downs, I have chosen to hold on and not give up.

In Advaita Vedanta, it’s said that it’s ignorance that’s causing all the pain and once we get to know of our real nature, we shall not be affected by anything at all. This morning I came across a beautiful quotation by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar where he said “Your feelings keep going up and down. Do not attach too much importance to them. Bundle them up, put them aside and move ahead with commitment.” Probably we must be walking the same path, there will be hindrances on the road, but we must be unaffected and march ahead, definitely while fighting the inner demons.



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