Does Trump’s Regime Involve “Too much anger”, “Too much fear”, and “Too much division”?

The Democratic Presidential candidate’s speech began his remarks by giving his nod to accepting the Democratic nomination for the office of the President and said that, “The current President has been cloaking America in darkness for too much long.” He continued saying that there’s “too much anger”, “too much fear”, and “too much division.”

Now, going by the facts, it would come to knowledge that Trump was the third President of the United States to have been given a notice of impeachment. Just at this hour, he mentioned that he felt “very badly” about the arrest of his former White House strategist Steve Bannon, one that has been charged with defrauding donors. This was in a scheme to extend a helping hand to help build the President’s signature wall along the US-Mexico border.

An architect of the nationalist populism, he has been charged with defrauding the supporters of Trump. To quote him, “I feel very badly. I haven’t been dealing with him for a very long time” and even said that he does think that this is a sad event, and that he hasn’t been dealing with him literally for many years now.

Soon after Biden speech, Trump voiced his opinion just outside Joe Biden’s Pennsylvania house that Biden has been selling out American workers and that it would be a ‘nightmare’ if he’s brought into power. Now, these are very strong words used by parties that are loud enough to start off a debate and raise an argument. However, amid all this, a notable point that arises from here is would there be relaxation in H1B visas once a new Government comes to power? Would the tech moguls from Silicon Valley be listened in to, that have been advocating against the suspensions of the same? Would this be helping the economy thrive? Would there be necessary commitment on the free flow of trade going forward?

Would there be a mutually beneficial relationship among all the nations? Would these promises, that are being made now, be at all fruitful in throttling racism and incessant bigotry that have been ruling the grounds ever since?

If an anonymous wager points out in the affirmative, then of course, we can talk, and if things go down south, then we’d have no choice but to believe in the proverb, “Promises are meant to be broken.”

Courtesy: india Today

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