Does Procrastination Lead To Irreverent Dreams?

Procrastination has been the buzz word and has certainly gained a special privilege both in the heart and mind (certainly unaware of when a rift brews up between the two). That apart, the reliance on procrastination has been quite bullish. Yet, the point of discussion here is when you indulge too much in procrastination, does it affect your dreaming state too?

Like, for instance, is there any particular mechanism, where your dreams turn revolutionary when it’s early in the morning like past 4.30? Probably yes. Now, where did the process germinate from? As per the internal planner, the day though was a sultry one, yet involved of tasks, equitably distributed between the house and office work, both of which were inevitably procrastinated. One procrastination led to the other, and other to the other…

Ultimately, it was midnight, and the eyes couldn’t keep calm, whilst the bed was summoning too. Then came the plethora of dreams, the most profound one said that Yours Truly has tested positive for COVID! What continued were a series of indignation, wrath, seclusion, and quarantining. Amid this, the grey matter suddenly recalled that there was an article kept dangling for a long time, which needed some addressing. There was a high possibility that it was smitten by the procrastination bug! Countless questions surrounded the mind then, the loudest being, can COVID positive patients have access to laptops? If allowed, could they engage on a WhatsApp video call or Zoom conversation, if need be? And, if they were then would the person at the receiving end also contract Corona?

The heartbeat also synced perfectly to the pace of the dream, and started beating loudly. Yet, the most favourite, procrastination went missing here. Everything seemed to be real, and in present tense. No scope for rebuttal. Again, questions like what about the inherent companionship of OCD that compelled Yours Truly to wash hands every half an hour go? How did the virus affect the body then? Gradually, my dream heralded a close friend of mine feeling sorry all the way from Florida on seeing my condition, then it was my mom and then it was everyone in my building who came with chicken soups and bouquets of flowers to the hospital.

What’s uncanny here is how were these people allowed to meet a COVID positive patient during such testing times. One of the health workers replied ‘Ma’am, since you contracted COVID at a time when procrastination had cast a spell, people can visit you as an exception.’ Ah! That was special indeed, and I was still swaying in the train of thoughts and was secretly contemplating a deep dive into some sumptuous desserts when my alarm beeped and the timing showed way beyond my waking time. Probably, while procrastinating, I had set the alarm an hour later than usual. And there came all the irreverent dreams… Was it only due to procrastination?



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Gairika Mitra

A writer embarking onto a journey into spirituality, it has literally changed my life overnight! I write twice a week and would love to keep y’all abreast.