Could ‘IPO’ Stand As An Acronym For ‘Initial Peace Offering?’

Well, this’d just be a presumption amid the intensely chaotic ambience encircling around the novel pandemic, that has quite faithfully been exercising its prowess on all nations, let alone individuals. Matters have been pretty much intensified with the rigorous grilling of those having questioned in the Sushant Singh Rajput demise case.

The icing on the cake amid all strenuous situations are the probable speculations of Indian National Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi perhaps stepping down from acting as the interim President, in an atmosphere of dissent letters being addressed to her by the Congress party leaders. More details about that would be unfolding in a few hours from now and we’d get to choose on our own stress levels, leading to introspection and interpretation from there on.

Oh! Wait the market is even speculating for the probable scenario of companies like Airbnb and PhonePe going public. To put in simple words, they have plans to file for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) soon enough.

To substantiate this, a publication stated that investors have been piling into stocks, and they also have been shrugging off all the worries about COVID-19 infections rising at such an alarming rate. Additionally, under such tense circumstances, businesses have been striving to bounce back as well. They have been taking necessary efforts undoubtedly.

Yet, while writing this, rather; the thought was conceived just before starting to write that what if ‘public’ could be replaced with ‘peace’ under the initials of IPO. Under such unprecedented circumstances, there is a possibility that IPOs would be held virtually. Except just considered the current situations, the investors would have to bid for the highest value for peace. $10 million, $15 million, a billion dollars? What can be the accurate and correct value or a quotation for peace? And, if there is, can that be negotiated as well?

What would a transaction that comprises profitable founders of renowned enterprises and investor biggies look like, that would only talk of nothing, but peace? Certainly, that would be an interesting spectacle, now. Wouldn’t it?

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