Calling Onto My Courageous Soul

Hey there, folks! How is everyone holding up? I am doing just okay — well. To be honest, just trying to fight out the challenges that life is throwing at me every now and then. Long before this year started I had kind of decided that whatever happens to me, no matter what I will not grumble and take responsibility for whatever happens to me.

There are times when I break down, and just want to give up, and these happen numerous times, mind you. However, during my lows, I try to keep my head held high and take refuge in the Bhagavad Gita.

I can relate to the place where Arjuna finds himself in a fix in the middle of the battlefield, and spotting his foes who are also his dearest relatives decides not to fight the war. He takes refuge in Lord Krishna and says that he cannot fight the war, and we know what the whole of the Bhagavad Gita is all about.

Courtesy: Pexels

It is in here that the lessons by Shree Krishna begin and out of all the lessons the one I specifically remember is the one where the Lord asks Arjuna to perform his duties no matter what. And, I have tried to build myself on this kind of mindset and also try consulting the Bhagavad Gita when I am in doubt, and somehow I can see a sense of calmness around me.

Also, the one takeaway from here is banking on courage. Honestly, when you feel your legs trembling and you do not have anything to hold on to, perhaps the only thing that saves you and takes you ahead is this courage, and honestly, that is the only jewellery that I can gift and wear myself.

Just like Arjuna did, and turned out victorious, maybe someday I will too!



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Gairika Mitra

A writer embarking onto a journey into spirituality, it has literally changed my life overnight! I write twice a week and would love to keep y’all abreast.