Big Thoughts. Big Dreams

Gairika Mitra
3 min readMay 8, 2023

Hey there, my dear readers, wishing y’all a very Happy Monday, and a wonderful week as well. This is a beautiful afternoon here and I am super pumped today. You know, when there aren’t many people motivating you, you kind of take the reins in your hands and begin self-motivating yourself, just like I have been doing so far.

I have been channelising my thoughts towards something else as well, and that is thinking and dreaming big. I don’t know why but petty, mediocre ambitions do not excite me anymore. I always feel like I am born for doing something better, something bigger. And, every day I pace myself towards that goal.

Of course, when I consider my current situation, environment and also my bank balance I tend to believe that all of these are nothing but illusions. I mean how on earth is it possible to land up on a big opportunity considering my current situation? But after years of contemplation and listening to motivational talks I have been training my mind to move towards the big step and have been telling myself that there is no way that I won’t be successful if I work this hard.

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Believe me, this is an oath which I have undertaken and I tend to repeat it at frequent intervals no matter how horrible I am feeling. Along with this, I try to train my mind that no matter how hard things are right now, there is a better future awaiting, and all of the turmoil, and hardships are going to add to my skills later.

As a matter of fact, I have had the chance to taste this goodness and the life that I am dreaming about quite a few times in the past. And, boy I have to say that life was indeed better there, yes, a better world does exist, and yes, it is possible to let your dreams fly. I will also concede that it is a wonderful feeling.

These few short-lived sunny days have made me believe in myself, and the fact that the universe has a lot to offer to all those who work hard for their goals. While I started this blog I made a mention of the fact that I love self-motivating myself. So, whenever things go wrong, and they do mostly I tell myself to pick myself up from the dust and believe in the fact that the universe has greater plans for me and that all of this is going to work out in the long run.

Is it difficult to carry on and put up with such a thought process? You bet. Would I, therefore, stop dreaming big, and continue playing the game operating from my comfort zone? Never. As I said, if years of hardships have taught me anything it is this — no matter how difficult and hard things appear to be now, there is always a silver lining behind the cloud, and it is with this thought and conviction that I operate every day, and when I wake up in the morning, I express my gratitude towards the universe, and say that I am breathing, therefore I have one more chance to be successful, think big and create history.



Gairika Mitra

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