Being My Own Sunshine

Gairika Mitra
3 min readJun 5, 2023


Hey there everyone, what’s happening? This is a beautiful time to write this blog and I thought I will share this with you all.

You know a lot of times we look forward to people and we have kind of put them on a pedestal and we seem to think that these are the ones who will help us with all the motivation and the inspiration that we need during those times when we are down.

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But have we ever asked ourselves if we could be that person? Meaning what if we could be the person that we look up to? What if we as a person can achieve everything and can go to every possible extent to achieve it?

What if we are that person? What if we can rely on ourselves for all the knowledge of motivation and inspiration we need? What if we are our own go-to person? What if we are our own sunshine?

One of my favourite monks of all time, Swami Vivekananda would always say that all the power that we’re looking for outside is lying inside of us. He would often ask us to behave like lions and shake off the delusion that we are sheep, we are lions and you know how lions react right? They know that they are the king of the jungle and they are always howling and all the other animals look up to them with respect.

Now all you have to do is just believe in the fact that you are your own sunshine. All the peace, courage and strength you are looking outside lies within and inside of you.

No matter how much things get tough we will have to find a way to remind ourselves that we are the all-pervasive and the all-powerful of all individuals and that there is no power on this earth that can shake us or even try to break us.

For we are the all-powerful and we are our own sunshine. Anybody coming in contact with us would know the worth of our power and they would also know that we are not somebody to be taking any kind of trash from anybody instead we are the ones to give shape to rise from the ashes.

Such is the power that lies inside of us that we feel enlightened and we are immensely powerful from within and we feel positive that nobody or anything that is negative can bog us down.

We are here to create history for the sun rises every day no matter what it is feeling, no matter what kind of drama has to deal with and no matter how hard things get, for that is the sun and if we are the sunshine we should be no less.

So if you are somebody who has had a little doubt about yourself about your own capabilities, I’d say we should forget that the entire glory which is looking for outside is inside of us, for we are our own sunshine.



Gairika Mitra

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