Being A little Tolerant Than Yesterday

This is what I learnt from today’s lecture where Swamiji mentioned this new teaching that the Japanese follow. It’s called “Kai-Zen”, one that allows and teaches you to be efficient and work up to your potential.

In his speech, Swamiji did mention those instances where the Japanese people in a particular university chose to assemble at the end of the week and then act on a suggestion given by everyone, one that was fancy and economical.

Little by little the changes were implemented and soon the university saw a lot of positive changes. Swamiji said that we could get this to work in our lives too, where we could decide to be better than what we were yesterday.

Now, this could be relating to your work, your workouts and your relationship with others. Swamiji asked us to keep a check on how could we be better than what we were yesterday. For example, in my professional space, I can say that when I do get to work, did I actually work better than yesterday, and was I a little bit more sympathetic than what I was the day before?

In his speech, Swamiji did mention that if we are able to adopt to such lifestyle changes and mindset changes, then so we would be able to reach a time when we would see that our lives have changed a lot, and we are able to welcome significant changes to our lives and also our surroundings.

I hope to wake up one day and be able to fulfil all of this that I just wrote here. All of this might seem too good to be true at one go, but Swamiji believes that great people have achieved it, and with continuous efforts, this can work wonders.

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