As you must have already guessed from the headline, this write-up is a result and a production of the ongoing festivities, and while I can see most of my friends and acquaintances busy pandal hopping and uploading vibrant images, I am here attending office, amid all the festivities.

Actually, this very me just around two years back would crib and growl over having to attend office during Durga Puja, and now it seems like everything is just fine and that I don’t seem to complain any more — so much so that Durga Puja seems like any other day in the office. Just this morning, I heard one of my most favourite persons saying that it’s foolish to just wait for the perfect day or the perfect occasion.

He said that in a spiritual context, and the underlying meaning would be something like this — that it’s foolish and ridiculous to believe that God exists outside of us, or in the past or future, no matter how many great discoveries had we had in the past, and it doesn’t matter how awesome and spiritually enlightening our future is going to be; we can and gotta experience all of that here and now.

At the beginning, I found that to be a little superficial, and he said later that none of his statements must be taken at face value, and we must understand and try figuring it from life itself. In that regard, we can definitely mention the fact that just like why I wasn’t sad because I have to work during Durga puja, similarly, while working I must remember that every day and every moment is Durga Puja.

Just this morning, my mom got tad surprised when I told her that I wasn’t rebuked by my boss over my assignment, and she asked whether I was happy about not being rebuked. I turned around and said that these days I have been practising detachment, and learning the easy ways of stoicism — where it wouldn’t matter to me if I were subjected to pleasure or pain.

Hearing this, she laughed and I asked whether this sounds a little crazy. She said it might at the first go, but if one does understand the reason behind it, and gets to move in that direction, there might be soon a time when nothing can break that person, for he or she would be known to have tasted the essence of life.

Hearing this, I wonder whether or not this’d ever be possible in my life, whether I can achieve it ever, my mom smiled and said that “Practise makes a man perfect”, and I suddenly remembered a saying that my uncle would often repeat in my childhood — “Everything is possible under the sun, if there’s a touch of God.”

And if I could meet him in person today, I’d say that the god was perhaps him reminding me and everybody around of our real nature, our immense capabilities, and the inner strength that can perhaps even move mountains….

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