Happy Navratri to everyone. For the international audience, Navratri is that time of the year where we do worship the divine goddess, and pray for everyone’s well being and good fortune. Now, this post for today is going to specifically highlight how everything happening around one begins with the mind itself.

To talk about how it could be, first off, let me begin by stating one of my own experiences. And of course, while I do talk of myself, I am going to highlight on my professional journey, and the number of disagreements I have in my office — with my colleagues, especially my boss. Well, actually one can say that I have always been at the receiving end of stuff and it’s been sometime that I have been continuously been struggling to put up.

I did mention about the number of nervous breakdowns that I have had in the recent past, and I also mentioned how I managed to come out of it. Truth to be told, it’s a continuous process that’d perhaps take some time to be fully acquainted with. But, there’s one observation that I have made which is the fact that earlier I used to bog myself down, and would often think negatively before an incident happened in the first place, and I realised that in the way I have been exhausting myself more than ever.

Image courtesy: Hester Qiamg on Unsplash

Yes, there have been and there will be instances where the world, your family, friends will be mean to you, but again if you are not mentally stable yourself, things are going to go astray thereon, and in the entire process you will be the one that will be the most miserable. Today, when I sit down and try to figure out life and think whether at all I have been able to turn out victorious, I see that I find myself faring much better than the previous times.

While there is a long way to go, I do feel good sensing this air of optimism within, and believe me it’s pretty much liberating and also puts you into a position of power. I wouldn’t lie that till date there are instances where I get disheartened of things go a certain way, and I tend to lose my calm, but again I make it a point to feed my brain that no matter what happens I am not going to loosen myself, and I am going to stay strong.

All of these are big words to say and very little of it can be put into practicality you might feel, but again the saying goes “Where there is a will, there is a way” and the truth is that no one apart from you can save yourself from this situation. Your friends and family can support you in this journey, but ultimately it’s you that has to take the big step ahead.

More often than not, there are certain situations that tend to get pretty complicated, and if we delve deeper, we’d understand that mostly it’s us that are complicating the situations. Perhaps, we need to slow down, take a deep breath and remind and train ourselves that all the magic lies inside of us, our mind, and what better than manifesting it in the right sense?

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