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A Vicious Circle of Blame Games

The headline would perhaps attune perfectly with the contemporary daily happenings. Possibly in the forms of how much we’ve been actively involved in the criticism of policies, the failed economy, and of course the politics gradually churning out from all of this, that too in times like now.

For a person that used to take an active interest in politics, the state of affairs in the country, and everything that’d happen around, I’d say never have I been so apolitical as now. Perhaps the pandemic should be given due credit for shaping up my thought patterns.

Even when I do think about it rationally, I’d say I’ve been gravely concerned these days with the mass exodus of the migrant labours again, with the second wave hitting than considering all the promises that are being made by the politicians. Thing is, do blame games actually assist us in reaching a solution that’ll be beneficial to society?

I doubt so. Also, these days, am trying to gain different perspectives, by looking at things from a wider lens, and perhaps reaching such a state of holding the self-accountable. Every time I do see the pale faces of all the nearby vendors from my balcony, I pause to think if I could do anything myself to help them out. Most of my friends prepare and serve food to the security guards of the buildings, and the needy.

They seem to be so very engrossed in the whole process of reaching out to people that they do not seem to be bothered about blaming those in power or seeking refuge in the opposition. They seem to be content with the way they function, and the only output they desire from this exercise is to see such people sans distress.

Now, addressing the blame game exercise, if there’s anything that I’ve realised in such unprecedented times, it’s the fact that arguments and passing the buck might work at the initial level, but at the end makes one feel miserable inside, with no signs of development. Perhaps, it’s time to be a little empathetic and being accountable to the self, and you playing the responsible card.

My friends say that the end result is satisfying, and at length what remains is an act of benevolence and an underlying peace. They describe this peace to be far more effective and definitely long-lasting than gorging into Pizzas or countless Rummy sessions.

I wouldn’t be able to verify the results as my friends have identified, but for a start, am beginning to think of being overtly accountable, perhaps an ounce more than yesterday.